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Our entrepreneurship program was developed with a goal to help new entrepreneurs who wants to start their own business. This is a hands on training program. This covers the basics of business and entrepreneurship and later on will also focus on growing profit, marketing strategies and the legal liabilities of the business.

Entrepreneurship training covers certain topics that are vital to running a business such as day-to-day business operations, profit and business management and special trade training. There are endless opportunities after a student completes an entrepreneurship course. He could immediately start his own business, secure funds for his business startup or he may proceed with more extensive courses for business. All these are possible with entrepreneurship training.

To qualify for entrepreneurship training, candidates should be at least 16 years of age and should possess a high school diploma. Applicants without a diploma may register for an HSEAP course to earn their diploma before enrolling in entrepreneurship training.

Being an entrepreneur is both a rewarding and exciting opportunity. There are usual basic routines that entrepreneurs encounter daily such as interacting with customers, consulting and managing department or team managers, scheduling staff, processing payments and training. Entrepreneurs are also responsible for developing new products or services and creating marketing campaigns making their work exciting and challenging at the same time. Entrepreneurship training considers all the aspects of a business owner’s life with lessons and courses based from actual concepts needed to manage an actual business