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It is common for anyone to feel uneasy and uncertain before entering university or college, which is why education consulting should never be overlooked. This is all about seeking expert and professional guidance for the ideal degree or course that a student would want to pursue. Education consulting ensures that there is no time, money and energy wasted on the wrong degree.

Our education consulting services is professional, experienced and discrete. We want our clients to feel ready for anything that may come their way through special consulting services in every important stage in their lives.

Education Consulting

Education consulting is one of our primary services. We understand the industry more than anyone else and so we take pride in providing the best education consulting service to our customers.

Marketing and research in education

Our market research team uses a variety of research skills and tools to identify the needs of our clients. Education is our utmost priority, which is why we create research studies that elicit response and insights from educators and help them make smart, well-informed decisions.

School consulting

We work closely with publishers, non-profit organizations, tech companies and higher education institutions to provide consulting services despite the rapidly changing industry. Our experience in developing start-ups, educational institutions and companies makes us the best choice for school consulting services.

Fund raising

We can help fund projects using strategic marketing techniques that leverage federal and state money for purchasing products and services. We will identify and develop communication materials, provide information on sources of funding, manage staff and production for compliance with regulations and guide supplier and consumer organizations in their fundraising activities.


Our staff provides fully customizable solutions to private post-secondary schools for national accreditation, state applications, school administration and managing their business. We work with schools accredited by the ABHES, ACCET, ACICS, ACCSC, COE, DETC, NACCAS, NASM, WASC and NASAD. We can help with initial or renewal accreditation applications, staff training complying with accreditation standards, facilitate development of self-evaluation report, development of school catalog and enrollment agreements and the development of policy and procedure manuals to name a few.

Enrollment consulting

We partner with school administrators to provide coaching and consulting in enrollment management and marketing systems, strategies, and solutions needed to reach their goals. We want to arm them with effective marketing and enrollment strategies as well as staff accountability, direction and results needed to grow their enrollment.

International program development

We work mainly as international and educational consultant with colleges and universities to provide limited study abroad opportunities to students. Our work deals with Higher Education Unification, projects to improve education and business abroad; introduction of professional groups to work with counterparts abroad. We offer international opportunities and contacts to university and college teachers and administrators, arrange exchanges for delegations to visit other universities and colleges in the countries we work in and to bring colleagues from those universities and colleges to the United States.