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Choosing the best career path according to your skills, talents and preferences is easy when you secure coaching and consulting beforehand. Whether you are thinking of a career in any industry, you should never overlook seeking professional consultation to be able to launch a successful job or career.

STEM offers a wide variety of work opportunities in many kinds of industries. There are a lot of successful careers in the world that require training and background in science, technology, engineering and math. This is basically the main reason why interest in STEM studies have increased to more than 20 percent compared to the interest of the class of 2004.

Why choose a STEM- centric career?

A STEM-centric career is your access to the best and the most in-demand professions, careers and jobs in the world. While routine jobs are being replaced by machines and are mostly outsourced, people belonging to the middle class faces an on-going problem. More so, foreign competition, free trade and cheaper labor also add to the dilemma. All these negatively affect career opportunities in the country.

The US is now facing challenges in its influence in the global workplace. Jobs have been permanently relocated and it will take longer to create new jobs while workers and employers are facing a lot of stress.

Students should therefore start investing in a career that will cater to their financial needs in the future. Choosing a career that can compete in a well-integrated world where all the aspects of production such as raw materials, design, manufacturing and distribution are accessible at anytime and anywhere they may be.

A career in STEM will not just bring personal career growth and satisfaction but will also improve the community and beyond.

What you can do

No matter who you are, a parent or a student, a counselor or educator, you can get involved in STEM. Promote STEM in your own little way. Students should encourage their schools to start teaching STEM classes. Counselors and educators should promote and teach the importance of STEM. Parents should do all they can to help their children perform well in STEM classes.

Job4Americans Initiative

Brought to you by Ideal Education - NJ not for profit organization, RenParikh.com and its Educational Affiliates, Job 4 Americans is an initiative designed to put Americans back to work, by directly connecting employment opportunities with employer driven training models. Bridging training and employment opportunities in the Medical, Information Technology, and Business Administration industries, Job 4 Americans works to connect Americans with an opportunity to obtain the necessary skills to transition from unemployment and underemployment, in to a hands-on work environment where there their existing skills can be developed and shaped in to the future of employment in the United States.

Job 4 Americans plans to realize this initiative through a two-pronged process that serves the employer and the displaced worker. By creating customized training solutions for employers; helping them access government funding aimed at creating job growth; and facilitating training that upgrades the skills of their workforce, we can create an environment of economic growth, individual promotion, and create entry level opportunities for local businesses.