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These are video classes made especially for Lessons Learning for vocational or carrier students. Our Video Class Education Program is an initiative by Ren Parikh to provide effective learning materials for carrier-oriented training students. Due to the fact that there are many private vocational schools in NY and NJ that are unable to afford their own video resources, Ren Parikh Video Class Education Program provides efficient resources that will fit students’ daily schedules.

Video Classes may be accessed by anyone who wishes to learn for free. Students can use our extensive video library complete with interactive challenges and assessment on any computer that can access the web. On the other hand coaches, teachers and parents may be able to monitor their students through the American Institute of E-Learning. Educators and parents may also contribute by sending their own educational videos.

AIElearning.com is initiatives by RenParikh.com for a carrier school & Princess Beauty Academy, AIPT & Access Carrier are the partner’s institute for Video Class Education Program. The Video Class Education Program offers platform for Live Lectures, Audio and Video Lectures, 3-D Animated Lectures and Interactive Lessons.

Special invitation from Ren Parikh

Ren Parikh would like to invite all teachers and educators from various fields to provide high tech video lessons using Lion Motion Productions NJ. He will provide studio and video editors for completing video lessons from experienced instructors as well as host boot camp from our partner institutes.

Teachers all around the globe are invited to create video lessons for carrier schools. Contributors will receive compensation for the revenue of registration for their particular course.