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When it comes to teaching K 12 science and math, Ren Parikh leads the way. Introducing Education Touchdown, a web-based training program that uses audiovisual content to provide science and math concepts for school-age children. Education Touchdown uses the most popular sports such as American football, basketball and soccer to make learning more interesting for children and to ensure that difficult concepts are understood and applied in students’ daily lives.

A sport is not just interesting but is an actual activity that most students indulge in. Using sports to explain the concepts of physics will enable the teacher to teach lessons better and help students apply what they have learned. It goes with using sports to explain mathematical concepts; students will be able to learn basic arithmetic, read graphs and charts use statistics and so on.

Education Touchdown uses interactive quizzes to assess the student’s performance. A helpful link to ask a coach or teacher is also accessible for students in case they need help with any lesson or topic. Lessons are also archived to allow students that have missed the lesson to learn on their own. And just like any school, homework assignments are also provided. Students are expected to finish their homework as soon as a topic is finished.

Education Touchdown provides interesting theme-based learning, expert views such as audio and video presentation, text and quizzes, interactive sessions according to the pace of the student and effective tools for teachers and educators. By partnering with schools and learning centers, Education Touchdown helps students and teachers alike.