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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Learning skills such as critical thinking are learned through STEM training and this is applied across all faculties; from higher-level science to problem solving skills.

STEM is not just education for a few students but rather it encourages students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to join in. the goal is to instill STEM literacy to prepare students for college education, work in these fields and an effective citizenship.

After STEM schooling, students may already make the decision to pursue careers in technology and science sectors; two sectors that Americans struggle to keep in pace with foreigners. Its curriculum offers a strong foundation in critical thinking. STEM schools offer collaborative and innovative education built on partnerships with experts in education and business. These schools use a set of principles that differentiate them from other programs and schools.

After school program

This is any program that provides care for a child in the elementary and middle school levels when they are not at school or at home. These could be a school club, summer camp and other similar activities. This program meets the expectation of parents for enriching their child. After school programs are designed to offer a safe and secure venue for kids to visit when school is not in session.

Involvement in an after school program will prevent unsafe situations and dangerous behaviors such as experimentation with drugs, alcohol, smoking cigarettes and sexual activity. It keeps children off the streets and from illegal activities and staying at home without adult supervision.

Tech Team After School Program

This is a program that prepares students for college with focus on IT education. This helps students develop technical skills in website design and development, software testing, support and maintenance. Tech Team also provides students a safe place to go when school is over.

The RenParikh.com Tech Team programs will assist students in a career in technology. It offers Web Design, Computer Repairs (Networking A+ and N+), Smartphone/Game Console Repair, 3D/2D Animation/ Game Development and iPhone/Android and Windows app development, etc.

RenParikh.com will be able to partner with schools to provide a helpful and attractive pre-college training program for students and above all, students can earn while they learn.