Dhiren Parikh
Consulting, Career & Jobs, Education

Founder and President Ideal Education

President/CEO USA4Education

President Job 4 Americans

What I Do

I am an education and small business consultant who helps people advance their job prospects or start their own business by providing business, IT, and entrepreneurship training, primarily in business, and technology careers. I also consult educational institutions to help them recruit students and develop their tech curriculum.

How I Do It

I have founded five businesses, written seven books, and become a powerful promoter for revolutionizing the education system in US & India. I address the key markets of private & public K-12 schools, career/vocational schools, educational content, teacher training, supplemental education services, professional and higher education, and online learning.

I created a STEM-based after school program for high school students to earn college credit while learning high tech programming such as: iPhone/Android and gaming app development, animation, audio and video production, computer repair, cellphone repair, and more.

My Vision

Transforming the teaching and learning processes by empowering teachers and encouraging children to acquire knowledge and gain clarity of concepts. I promote a teacher-led educational content solution that dramatically improves learning outcomes in private & public schools, providing turnkey solutions for computer aided learning.

Why It Matters

My approach demonstrates that digital learning environments simplify how teachers find resources that are standards-aligned, relevant, and easy to assign to students in a safe environment. They also help educational institutions to make every classroom a 21st century classroom.

Using Computer Aided learning methods, students can easily understand the most difficult topics through interesting audio and video aids. Teachers can improve their teaching and learning skills by delivering the innovative module contents and supporting courses using computers and information technology.

Next Step

Connect with me or email Ren@renparikh.com to learn more.